Hi. We're Noesis Cosplay. We share a love for a variety of fandoms, but (as you can probably already tell) are mostly Naruto cosplay biased. Specifically, we are Naruto and Sasuke shippers, and will do anything to see the pair smashed together in a dark, candle-lit room, which basically is the basis/theme for all our gifs/videos/photos.

To summarize, we are bat shit insane and it only gets worse by the day. We only get more creative as time passes. enjoy.


noesiscosplay inspired me art, so here we have my favorite grumpy cheeseballs Naruto and his husband Sasucakes kissing, okay? i blame those two cosplayers and their cuteness ‘^’

Omfg! jasiodhasohdoas! Thank you so much for drawing this~! It really made our day! (seriously we screamed about it for a while haha) Im glad we could inspire you \(O/////O)/ we both really love it! hehe your art is super amazing as well! <33333 -forever hugs- ^W^

Levi shows Eren how a real man takes his liquor.


Levi approves


mOree~~~~  *-sweats-*   last one for now~~

Answers are under the cut and correspond with the number. :3

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More anonnn

Answers under the cut~~

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Answers under the cut!

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AH~~~ Im sorry for not answering asks yet!!

But Im starting now and I will post some of them tomorrow! 

So if you left us an ask, check back tomorrow and Sunday and it will probably be here. lol

ALSO. Im getting on the editing our other videos soon as well. School has started and its just been a shit-storm so far. lol

Naruto seducing Sasuke into a kiss~

[x] [x]

From our RinHaru Swimming video~!


From our RinHaru Swimming video~~


this is my background to everything right now~~ \(//∇//)\