Hi. We're Noesis Cosplay. We share a love for a variety of fandoms, but (as you can probably already tell) are mostly Naruto cosplay biased. Specifically, we are Naruto and Sasuke shippers, and will do anything to see the pair smashed together in a dark, candle-lit room, which basically is the basis/theme for all our gifs/videos/photos.

To summarize, we are bat shit insane and it only gets worse by the day. We only get more creative as time passes. enjoy.

From our RinHaru Swimming video~!


From our RinHaru Swimming video~~


this is my background to everything right now~~ \(//∇//)\


Swimming with Rin and Haru!


Alright Guys!! If this post gets over 100 likes/reblogs then our new RinHaru video will be posted on our channel this Saturday! ;D


Here’s a preview!

if not, it will be posted next weekend


Congrats! Looks like you’re getting a video Saturday ;D

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About Asks/Posts:

I will get to those as soon as I feel able. I’ve been going through a hard time recently so I just haven’t felt up to doing anything hobby wise.

Thank you to all who have sent questions and kind comments and to the people reblogging our older posts. <3 Also hello to our new followers! ^w^ I will start posting again soon. <33

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Update about our new videos!

I have some slight bad news.
I’ve been having problems with my video editing software which means I won’t be able to finish the videos until I can save up some money to get a new program for my Mac.

That being said, don’t worry however cuz there is a new NaruSasu video on the way, a RinHaru video, and possibly an Ereri video, as well as bloopers and some extras!

So if you can wait patiently, I will upload those ASAP! :3

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Conversation about Supernatural:

Sasuke: you know I really miss that leviathan Dick…

Me: You miss Dick??

Sasuke: No. I just wanted to hear you say that.

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From our SasuNaru Summer CMV


Filmed a new SasuNaru video today! ;D