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Noesis Cosplay
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More anon!

Answers are under the cut and corresponding with the number!

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NaruSasu bath time \(//∇//)\


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UGH. Naruto Chapters are giving me so many OTP feels. >O< -heavy breathing-






FUCK. I seriously think Im going to cry about it. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚-SOB-

SOMEONE HOLD ME! -reaches for Sasuke-


Baby, come hold me I’m having feelings about us again… (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

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uzuchiha-hime whispered: Hi!!! So I love you guys! I watched all your naruto cosplay videos on YouTube. Seriously, you guys made my day when I watched you guys getting drunk. So funny~~~ Will you be making more sasunaru vids soon? Pleaseeee?????

Hi!! Thank you! We love you too!! ^W^ We’re glad we could make your day!  8D

Right now Sasuke and I are finishing up our college term. So we don’t really have much time to do SasuNaru videos at the moment. BUT we are done in less than 3 weeks and then we will be doing TONS of NaruSasu videos and gifs all through the summer! (and some other pairings too!) ^3^ We have a lot planned. So wait for us, okay? :3

Thanks for your support, the ask, and for being so excited about it! <333
-super big hugs- ^^

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ALright! More Anon answering time!

Answers are under the cut and correspond with the number.

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SO Naruto and Sasuke are married now thanks to the Sage of the Six Paths! ;D wooooooh!

And in celebration, here is actual footage of their wedding night!! 

Congratulations you two!!! haha


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Eren: Give me a kiss, Corporal <3

Levi: if you insist, you little shit. <33


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more of our random NaruSasu gifs from my archive Lol

(wow there is a lot of nudity here XD)


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Our “Getting Drunk with Naruto and Sasuke” video hit 20,000 views today..


and we are just laughing our asses off because

people have watched us drunk off our asses, in fucking ONSIES, falling all over the place and acting like total dorks TWENTY THOUSAND TIMES. And we can’t figure out if that is a life accomplishment?? or. what?? can we put that on a resume lik “20,000 views of us making out/falling over drunk on Youtube.” hahaha

We really don’t know what to do with this achievement except to say thank you to all those who watched! XD Im glad we could…entertain you somehow. LOL

And if you haven’t seen it, here go watch what 20,000 people have already spent 14 glorious minutes watching.

Also. These gifs in commemoration:






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